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Sperm extraction and Testicular mapping

Sperm Extraction:

Sperm extraction procedures like PESA, TESE and Micro TESE are designed to retrieve sperm directly from the testicles or epididymis in cases where natural sperm release is impaired. This may occur due to conditions such as obstructive azoospermia, where the flow of sperm is blocked. Our clinic employs advanced techniques, including microsurgical methods, to perform precise sperm extraction with minimal impact on surrounding tissues.

Testicular Mapping:

Testicular Mapping is the most advanced sperm extraction procedure that involves identifying and mapping the areas of the testicles where sperm production is most viable. This detailed assessment aids in determining the most suitable sites for sperm extraction. Using ultrasound and other imaging technologies, our andrologists create a personalized map of the testicular landscape, optimizing the chances of successfully retrieving viable sperm.

When Are These Procedures Recommended?

  • Azoospermia: In cases where there is no sperm present in the ejaculate, sperm extraction may be recommended to retrieve viable sperm for assisted reproductive techniques.

  • Obstructive Azoospermia: When the flow of sperm is obstructed, obstructive azoospermia may be addressed through sperm extraction procedures.

  • Fertility Preservation: Testicular mapping is often employed in cases where fertility preservation is a concern, such as before cancer treatments that may impact sperm production.

At our Centre, we recognize that each individual's situation is unique.

If you are facing challenges related to male infertility, sperm extraction, or are considering fertility preservation, our centre is here to provide expert care and support. Schedule a consultation with us to explore personalized solutions and embark on a path towards achieving your reproductive goals.


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